Making Good on Promises

So….I finally started lifting weights! This was something I wanted to do since trying unsuccessfully to lose weight last year. Usually I would do a session here and there. And since I would get sore afterwards because my body wasn’t used to it I would stop and not continue.

Can’t wait to see what I will look like in 3 months.

My goal now is to complete a session 2-3 times a week. I want to be consistent for at least 3 months and reevaluate my progress then. I think once I see that I am slimmer and stronger I will want to continue.

Also waiting on seeing a loss on the scale is hard. It feels so arbitrary when I am down .5 one day and back up .4 the next. It can be incredibly frustrating. But I can more readily see gains when weightlifting because I will be able to do more reps and go up in weight when I’m making progress. I think it will help me focus less on the scale and more on how my body is getting fitter.

Day 1 stats

So I have a tendency to write off all the work I did last year because in comparison I have been better able to adhere to the keto lifestyle this year. This year I am losing weight at a good pace and I see the difference in my body and how I feel.

Last year in comparison feels like a train wreck. Every month for a few weeks I would be able to be consistent with eating keto and walking. But then my hormones would shift and I would become depressed, anxious and I would give in to carb cravings and binge eating. I would undo any weight loss I had achieved. It was so frustrating.

But I put together the comparison photo below and I can definitely see progress from last year. I have to recognize that during my postpartum depression I gained 20 pounds and ballooned up to 298 lbs. I ended the year solidly at 275. That’s not bad. You have to consider I was seriously depressed for half the year and I was figuring out a medication regimen that was effective. Plus the last 4 months of the year I successfully dealt with my developmental trauma. I no longer feel empty inside. I have a life worth living. And that’s while still being morbidly obese. That time spent with therapists and reading self help books was priceless. I wasn’t able to prioritize weight loss and physical health until I managed my mental health.

Not much difference from the front.
I lost a roll of fat from my back!

I am going camping this week in the desert and we are keeping it keto. They will be more refeed days than calorie restricted. Mostly so I can enjoy my vacation without going off the rails. A confounding factor is that I am premenstrual and that time is always tricky for food cravings and overeating. I’mma do my best.

Have a great weekend!