Weight loss blogger, mental health advocate, mom to an amazing toddler


Welcome to my weight loss blog. My name is Ariel and I am here to share with you all the ups and downs of my weight loss journey. I am also the mom to a soon to be toddler and I have bipolar disorder so you know that adds some spiciness to my life. All of that will be chronicled here. I am also an artist. I love to write, paint in watercolor. I intend to start a podcast to go along with this website and maybe even a youtube vlog. So stay tuned.

Also I’m a big believer in shared experiences. I went through a difficult birth with my daughter Alice and struggled during my postpartum period. Losing weight has also been quite an experience. I have stories I need to share. If you need to share your stories of these time periods in your life then I’m here to listen. I’m not a therapist but I am a good compassionate listener.

Contact Me if you want to share with me your:

weight loss story

postpartum journey

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