I’m back and it’s a new year!

So it’s 2021. Mid January in fact. Just before this month started I committed myself to changing my unhealthy habits. This was primarily binge eating to cope with emotional stuff. I would just eat junk when I felt depressed, anxious, bored or overwhelmed. I did this frequently enough that it was sabotaging any progress I made with my weight loss. Diet and exercise had nothing on the amount of calories and carbs I would eat in a binge.

To solve this problem I sought professional help from a therapist. I realized I was binge eating to fill the hole that emotional neglect from my parents left. My parents are good people and good parents but they never related to me on an emotional level. I was never encouraged to talk about my feelings. There was just no place for them in our family. That’s mostly because they grew up in similar environments. They didn’t know any better.

After that realization and the healing that followed I was better able to stick with a healthy way of eating. After doing a lot of research I committed to following the ketogenic diet. And I have been eating that way every day for almost a month now. Besides losing weight (13 lbs so far) I feel so much better emotionally, mentally and physically. I am less tired all the time. I don’t feel a crash after I eat. I sleep well at night. My moods are more even and I have been less prone to depression. I’m glad I switched to keto. I think it is the best lifestyle for me.

My face after losing 13 lbs. Almost one month on keto.

So the diet has now come easily for me. I created a rule that I only eat when I’m hungry. If I’m not physically hungry but I’m craving something really bad then I acknowledge that I am experiencing emotional hunger. It’s not real and for my health I cannot indulge it. So I walk away and distract myself until the feeling passes. This was very hard at first because giving in to my cravings was automatic. If I had a craving I ate it. I didn’t pause to think about it. Now I am giving my brain time to process what im eating.

Not much difference visually but I feel thinner in the 2nd picture

The hardest part now is getting myself to exercise. I do not like feeling uncomfortable. I don’t like moving my body. But my goal is not just to approach a healthy weight it’s to be fit. I want to be active so I can keep up with my husband and daughter. So tomorrow I have vowed to wake up early before work and lift weights. I have already incorporated walking into my routine but I need to build strength as well. I will check back in when I have accomplished that.

How Much My Daughter Appreciates My Elaborate Lunches…

I love my daughter, I really do. But at 11 months it is painfully obvious she does not appreciate the care I put into my cooking. Today I didn’t overcook the shrimp. Today I sautéed them in butter, lemon zest and fresh garlic.

My yummy purple plan 💜 lunch. 7 points.

The beans are a recipe of my Puerto Rican Grandma’s, straight from my childhood. I wanted to cook them so I didn’t forget the recipe. I wanted to cook them to pass down that little bit of food tradition since she’s not here anymore and she never got to meet my daughter. I have been irritable and on edge all day just ready to lash out at any provocation. I nearly did already when the cats and dog got under my feet.

But I had been holding back when it came to Alice. She was having a bad day too. She woke up cranky and was on and off crying all day. Maybe it was her diaper rash that was causing her so much discomfort. I’m not sure.

She was in a good mood when I set the plate with the cut up shrimp and ancient grains and beans in front of her. But quickly it just became a game to her. She upended the plate and began flicking the rice off her high chair.

Baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do

I couldn’t get mad. I couldn’t get frustrated with her and I definitely couldn’t take my irritation out on her. So I just let her know that we don’t do that with our lunches and I took the plate away. I finished my lunch without losing my temper and I’m quite proud of that. All day I had been waiting to just lose it and it didn’t come. And you know what. It doesn’t have to. I choose how I react in a situation. I have that control. Amazing isn’t it.

The best thing is that she sees that I’m in control of my emotions and how I react. I’m modeling appropriate behavior for her. I never thought I would be a more mature parent than my own parents.

First Week On WW…A Success!!

Yo, yo, yo…what’s up? I have been on WW for a week now and I started at 285 lbs and I weighed in today at 278.4 for a total of 6.6 lbs lost. I do admit that right now I weigh myself every day on my renpho scale. I think that’s ok to do. My husband keeps telling me just look at the weekly average and my coach tells me to look at the lowest number for the week but I’mma do what I want. As long as I don’t get too depressed looking at the number or if I see a gain and say fuck it and binge eat I’ll keep weighing myself every day and make sure I log the number for sure for my weekly weigh ins on monday.

I wanted to share with you my starting pictures and basic starting stats:

Starting Weight: 285 lbs

Height: 5 ft 5inches

abdomen circumfernce: 55 inches

Bust: 51 inches

Hips: 58 inches

Clothing Size: 22 or 3X

I am not making a weight or clothing goal in x amount of days. I simply want to be below 200 lbs in time to safely get pregnant again. Even more than that I want to conquer the beast of emotional eating and live a fantastically joyous life with my husband and baby.

Welcome to My Weight Loss Blog!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Ariel and I have been on a weight loss quest for oh….maybe my whole life. lol. That seems kind of depressing. But I know many of you out there can relate to that feeling.

I haven’t been overweight my whole life but I thought I was. I was convinced I was to the point that I never looked in mirrors and always wore baggy clothes. I compared myself to thinner friends and was always on some diet. I started gaining actual weight in my senior year of high school and really gained weight in college. Since then it has been a battle of yo-yo dieting and constant self hatred. In college I flirted with bulimia but I have always had to deal with disordered eating. I do not have a good relationship with food!!!

So why do I think this time will be different. For one I am finally dealing with why I use food as my number one coping mechanism for my emotions. All that childhood emotional baggage is going to be dealt with. That inner fat bitch that just wants to tell me I am not worthy of love and deserving of a healthy body will be talked back to. She is not getting any more Carl’s Jr Bacon Western Cheeseburgers and onion rings. But you know if I want one it will be on my say so not hers after some kind of emotional meltdown.

I am going to get really real here and very honest. We’re going to talk about all the nitty gritty about my weight loss including numbers and my emotional trauma. It’s getting all laid bare. I have bipolar disorder and I am often depressed. You know that plays into my weight loss and I will share that with you. My husband is very supportive and I want to share his pearls of wisdom with you as well. Lastly my daughter keeps me going. She is my inspiration and I so want to be able to have the energy to keep up with her. Also I want to be healthy enough to have a little sister or brother for her. So stay tuned for updates on that as well. My next post will be more focused on my starting weight loss stats with pictures.